From Streaming, Concerts, Recording, Gaming, We Have It

The CryptoeSports Hyper Arena “THE NEBULA” is the largest concert/esports dedicated arena on the planet, working hard to provide crib to college training. Here, we provide streaming, recording and gaming opportunities and co- working spaces for anyone from casual to professional clients. We also have the first accredited College 4 year degreed eSports management course on the planet! Also some of the best concerts on the planet, go to our Live Streams page.

Whether your goal is streaming, recording, or gaming the CryptoeSports Hyper Arena “THE NEBULA” is your place to thrive.

Come here for High School, College, Local, Regional, National, and International Mega tournaments, co-working space for individuals and companies, record your Hip Hop music, streaming, go live with your pod cast, or just grab a bite to eat….and it’s all backed with the best and fastest state of the art equipment and ample, secure parking for all.

We are making the City of Atlanta the Worldwide Headquarters for Recording,Streaming, eSports, Concerts, and Family Entertainment. While other cities are talking about or are in the process of building eSports arenas, our Hyper Arena is already built with a seating capacity of 6,000 seats, all with state-of-the-art streaming, Recording, lights, sound, Wi-Fi, training facility, and 120G internet connections. The Future is here!



Mission Statement: To help gamers and artists to perform better, think faster, live better, feel inspired, get a great education, create innovations in eSports, entertainment, and the world.

Vision Statement: To  passionately change ideas, attitudes, lives, and economics of the entertainment community, Atlanta, The USA and The World.

These are the founding missions and visions for CryptoeSports as expressed by Tobias Browne.



Tobias Browne, CEO, President, and Majority Stock Holder

James Heard, Vice President

Jerome Roland, Community Liaison

Arie Brown, Facilities Director

Gregory Peatfield, CIO/CTO

Jordan, Social Media Director

Jordan, Streaming Director

Jordan, Gaming Director

Guillermo Todd of Wargo and French, Chief Legal Officer